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When it comes to weddings, there is nothing common and standard about it. Each one of us is unique and an important occasion like wedding – should reflect who you are. At HS Global Travel, we strongly believe that be it the decor or the choice of venue or the hospitality, it should always be your decision and we and we should only bring you nice workable options to you and offer you solutions. We handle everything right from marriage conceptualization to hosting your post honeymoon party! Being in the hospitality industry for decades gives us a unique edge when it comes to organising and planning at any venue in India. Breaking from the monotony of having a conventional wedding,we bring an innovative approach to wedding design, event planning & management, merged with traditional wedding planning and etiquette. We would be happy to take care of every important element of planning the wedding for you or your loved one:

  • Elegant Venues
  • World Class Wedding Catering
  • Professional Photographers
  • Well known Make-Up Artists
  • Choreographers
  • Entertainment
  • Trousseau
  • Hostesses
  • Vintage Cars
  • Security

HS Global Travel School Adventure program comprises of a wide variety of educational and adventurous itineraries and all these itineraries are devised keeping the age groups in mind and they offer something for everybody in the group. All the programs can be customized to suit any kind of particular requirements and needs of your group and ensure that all the students in the trip get to experience different types of adventure activities and get enriched by these experiences. With HS Global Travel Options, whether your prime requirement is a cultural, geographical or historical interest of the students, or even if it is simply a challenge which appeals to them, we are very sure, with us you will surely find what you are looking for and much more…… We offer students a wide variety of programs and challenges, designed to make sure that everyone gets an opportunity to reflect, connect and experience. From the excitement of white water rafting to the spectacular hill walks in the foothills of the great Himalayas, our adventurous itineraries are complete with wonder, excitement and great experiences.
We ensure that not only the students but their teachers and attendants also return home with lot more than great memories of the exciting time that they had on the tour. We ascertain that the children will gain a lot educationally and come back home with a better understanding of not only the outside world but about themselves also.
HS Global Travel Options’ mission is to provide excellence and quality to all the students traveling with us, exclusively and promptly. All our team members at HS Global Travel are masters in their departments and trades and all of them brings along an entirely different set of experiences, which adds to the overall value of school’s entire experience on the tour. If we put it simpler words, we very well know what the school management anticipates when children are involved and most of all, we know how to satisfy them and keep them secure.

When it comes to little children, we choose the accommodation with a lot of care. Most of them are very basic; however, we do make a lot of safety checks before we actually consider it safe for the kids. We, at HS Global Travel, choose these accommodations on the basis of safety, location, hygiene, suitability for schools and their comfort levels.

Traveling is the most rewarding and fun part of such adventure tours. We do the best possible that we can, to get the perfect transport arrangements for the children. We make a lot of quality as well as safety checks with our traveling partners and make sure that all the drivers and the vehicles have proper documentation in place.

Our tour programs are specifically designed for school children – right from the pre-schoolers to the senior students and college students. All the adventurous activities are tightly in control and are provided in conjunction with the experts. Our tour groups do not travel independently and they take only those routes which we have already assessed and declared risk free. Not only has the travel part, we, at WNY, believed that all parts of the tours require all the participants to be very closely supervised and supported.

At HS Global Travel Options, we feel that the outdoors have a great potential to entirely transform any individual, young or adult, in many different ways. From building confidence to developing one’s personality; from leadership skills to making decisions; from empathizing with others to laugh at oneself; children learn everything when they are together outdoors on such adventure trips.

And we still haven’t mentioned anything about the friends that they make!! With group tours, children learn: to take everything in a positive manner and adapting to any given situation is a very crucial skill set, that one learns only when they get hands-on experience. We further try and add a host of activities like self-cooking, navigating through woods, how to make fire, sharing a tent or leading a team which reinforces a lot of positive attitude